Evidences that Riemann Hypothesis is true


J.C. Perez-Moure

Departamento de Quimica Fisica, Facultade de Quimica

Universidade de Vigo ( Spain)

E-mail: jcpmou@uvigo.es


November 2004


 In this paper two evidences are added to the existing in the literature that the Riemann Hypothesis (RH) is true.

The first one shown that one approximated equation to the functional equation of the Riemann Zeta Function has probably all its non trivial zeros in the critical line Â(s)=1/2 .

A second evidence and more important is obtained from expanding in a Taylor Series the functional equation of the Riemann Zeta function expressed as a Fourier Transform. This evidence, as the word means, is not a rigorous mathematical proof but perhaps could be a way to prove the RH.




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